Officials release update on Salisbury Middle School

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Officials release update on Salisbury Middle School

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Wicomico County school officials say that Salisbury Middle School will reopen as normal on Tuesday, February 18th.

We’re told that over the weekend, environmental specialists were brought in from Sussex Environmental Services, as well as teams from the Health Department, Royal Plus, Jet Carpet, Stanley Steamer, and Facilities. A list of steps were taken, including:

  • Thorough inspections of the roof, duct work, air handlers, mezzanine areas, equipment rooms, ceiling areas, and the perimeter of the building
  • Inspections of the existing tunnels from the original Salisbury High School that lead throughout the property and over to the now transportation and facilities buildings.
  • One hole was drilled into the floor and one hole was created in a bathroom wall by removing a urinal, which were inspected
  • Inspections of numerous classrooms as well as the gym and media center
  • 8 samples for mold testing were taken
  • 2 areas were swabbed for testing by the Health Department
  • Air quality samples were taken in all areas of the school
  • Ceiling tiles were completely removed in one hallway, and were removed and replaced as needed throughout the school
  • Carpet in C-wing entrance/exit was removed and will be replaced
  • Media Center carpet and carpet in all entrance areas were cleaned
  • All air ducts were cleaned throughout the entire school
  • A disinfectant gas that kills all possible mold, mold spores, bacteria, and fungus was discharged
  • Facilities staff thoroughly cleaned all floors and wiped down everything in the school
  • Air handlers and duct work were completely cleaned and disinfected

It was noted that in all of testing and inspections, nothing was found. Tests for mold spore levels were normal. Officials say there were two potential sources of the odor, one being a C-wing bathroom and another being stored lumber in the Tech Ed room. Work has been completed in both areas to solve any issues.

Courtesy: WMDT